About Jan Pepper

    • Bay Area Native – born in Oakland and raised in San Leandro
    • Los Altos resident since 1985
    • Two grown children, graduates of Springer School, Blach Middle School and Mountain View High School
    • BS Civil Engineering, Stanford University
    • MBA, Stanford University
    • Registered Professional Engineer, Civil Engineering, California
    • Current employer:  Peninsula Clean Energy, CEO

I am a strategic decision-maker and logical thinker.  As an undergraduate at Stanford, I was inspired by one of my engineering professors about the potential for renewable energy.  I have been fortunate to pursue this passion through my professional career to improve renewable energy’s technical and economic viability.  Moving toward a domestically based clean and sustainable energy future will improve our air, slow climate change, and make our country more secure for future generations.

I currently have my dream job, which is the CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy (  This is a start-up joint powers agency (JPA) with a 22 member board of directors comprised of a council member from each of the 20 cities in San Mateo County and 2 members of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.  This position brings together my 30 years of professional experience in the utility and energy industry, my start-up experience in the energy industry, and my public service experience of serving on the Los Altos City Council.

I also try to “walk the talk” in my life:

  • In 2001, I installed a solar photovoltaic system on my home, which covers all of my electric needs.  I do not pay for any electricity from PG&E!
  • With a team of women in the mid-1990s, I converted a diesel VW Rabbit to an electric car. We raced it in the Phoenix 500 Electric Car race
  • As the CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy, I am heading up what will be the largest community choice energy program when we launch in October 2016.  We will be delivering 50% renewable and 75% greenhouse-gas free electricity to the 750,000 residents and businesses in San Mateo County.  This is cleaner and greener than PG&E, and we will deliver it at lower rates.
  • I am one of the four representatives from Santa Clara County on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board, which regulates air quality in the nine Bay Area counties.  Through this appointment, I have been steadfast in insisting that the Lehigh Cement Plant (in Cupertino and essentially in our backyard) adhere to all regulations regarding air emissions.